Skippers Log
The AVR Society was started in 2009.  Its mission is to preserve and share the history of these great little ships.  

During my years as a Sea Scout in the San Francisco Bay Area (1970s), we likely had the largest collection of post-war AVR 63s in the nation.  At our peak, there were ten (and maybe one or two more) active AVRs within our training program.  Sleek, fast, and fun.  They were an ideal training boat for their size.

I will never forget the image of ten AVRs tied stern-two at the annual Sea Scout Ancient Mariner Regatta at Government Island (now called Coast Guard Island).  Nor will I forget the sensation of the AVR Chaser returning to the "V" docks of San Francisco after a down the coast summer cruise while we members on the AVR Captain Wrucke sprang-out from the same location bound for San Diego and a four-week summer cruise: two AVR sentry's passing the torch.

And so, this log book will be dedicated to today's AVR activities: sea stories from past shipmates, cruises, work parties, up grades, new boats found and lost.  

10 Sea Scout AVRs at the Annual Ancient Mariner Regatta, Government Island, California. 1972. The SSS Captain Chester T. Wrucke out of Palo Alto is the first vessel on the left.