This section features other WWII military patrol boats of the AVR era.  For example, the USCG 83, the US ASR-85, the US PT Boats, the German E boats, the US 104s and the USCG 125s.
WWII Coast Guard Patrol Boat (83s)
WWII US Navy ASRs (Air Sea Rescue) 85s
WWII German "E" Boat
Sea Scout Ship 148 the SSS Grey Ghost 
of Tacoma, Washington.  A former 104 US Navy Subchaser departing on an annual 16-day cruise.  1948.
The Crew of Ship 148 the Grey Ghost.  1948.
WWII ASR 85 Crew of the P-478, circa 1943
USCG Morris - 125 (Buck-and-a-quarter class)
L,R:  photo of the Morris in new Coast Guard Red Stripe design, circa 1970.  Second photo: Sea Scout Ship 17, the SSS Morris of San Mateo, CA., circa 1978.  The Morris was built in 1925 and transferred to the Sea Scouts in 1972.  It is still an active Sea Scout unit out of Stockton and is embarking on an Alaska cruise in the Summer of 2010.  I was lucky to be a crewmember on her last Sea Scout Alaska cruise for six-weeks in the Summer of 1978.