Active AVRs, ASRs, 104s
Over time, we hope to document all Rescue Boats known as the  63-foot AVRs, 85-foot ASRs and the 104-foot Subchasers that are still afloat or active.  In many cases, the AVRs and ASRs did double duty as a subchaser, patrol boat and messenger boat.

TheP-619  (formerly Sea Scout ShipNorthland)
owned by Randy Cunningham of British Columbia, Canada
The 63 Delta (aka Revenge and Phoenix)
Now being restored by a former AVR Sea Scout Alumnus and owned by a restoration group out of the Delta, San Francisco, Bay
AVR Defender - vessel on the right, back to WWII Grey Hull is the Ex-Coast Guard Cutter 63034 and the vessel on the left is the Ex-Sea Scout AVR Revenge. Both are privately owned and being restored up the San Francisco Delta.
Other AVRs/ASRS:
I have observed a few other AVRs in the San Francisco Bay Area as of 2009.  They include one AVR along the Sacramento Delta when approaching Old Town Sacramento.  I do not know the name of that AVR but maybe one of our members or contacts will relay that information.

In addition, there were two AVRs in Vallejo  California.  One is at the Vallejo Marina.  The other AVR is sadly aground along the Vallejo waterfront.  She is damaged beyond repair and has likely been cut up and removed as of this writing. The AVR at the Vallejo Marina was sold to another party that anchored her out in Sausalito (Richardson Bay). This is the equivalent to the civilian moth ball fleet for many boats - on step away from possible abandonment and or sinking at the mooring ball. I was able to get a hold of the "new" owners who purchased from the ones that brought the boat over to Sausalito. They just wanted the money or were going to sell to an AVR wrecker who just wanted parts. Sadly, she was put ashore on the hard, stripped of parts, and cut up. Sometimes, and certainly without support, we can not save them all.  There is also one AVR anchored in Sausalito on Richardson Cove; this is the former Sea Scout Ship Marian J Baine of the Sea Scout Unit Belmonster, Belmont, CA.  All that's left of her is the hull with the superstructure removed and a flush-deck covering from stem to stern.  Still, you can see those magnificent AVR lines.

Also anchored next to Sausalito (Richardson Bay) is another former Sea Scout boat: a  BoxL boat, the Boxer - formerly of Ship 51, the Intrepid having served that unit from 1972 until 1999 when replaced by the Cape Class 95 foot CG Cutter Cape Romain).  Last, I have learned the AVR Sea Scout Ship Chaser was  on the beach near Walnut Grove with the intent by the current owner for restoration.  That project fell through and the Chaser - like so many other AVRs, was cut up. It would have been nice to have made this AVR a Land Ship but alas time, money, and no location conspired to seal the fate of yet another great little ship that served a select group in the armed forces and generations of Sea Scouts out of Napa, California. 

One of my former skipper boat assignment in 1985, the 85-foot ASR Inland Seas was located at the Redwood City harbor.  Unable to find a berth, this vessel too was scrapped and cut-up in 2010. There's only two left that I know of: the All American (formerly the Farrallon of Berkeley and 85 of Palo Alto), and the fully restored ASR 85 out of Long Beach, California.
AVRSkyVigilof Newport, Oregon, 2002
The 104-foot former rescue/subchaser of Stockton, California
Owner Adam Farrow, 2008.
ASR 85 All American.  Formerly the Farallon of Berkeley and the "85" of Palo Alto. I Had the honor of bringing her down from Eureka, California  (along with three other "85" alumni) to the Delta in 2012. She is now privately owned. Great Boat. 
ASR 85 P-520 out of Long Beach, Ca.   circa 2006
NOTE:some of you Sea Scouts may recall the 104Barclay Stephensof Alameda-California, the 104 Sea Scout ShipGrey Ghostof Tacoma-Washington and the privately owned 104Regina Xzabaonce anchored off the Sausalito waterfront in 1987.  Any past members of the regatta red shirts Barcley Stephensor theGrey Ghost are encouraged to contact us and send in some photos of their 104s.  A photo of theGrey Ghostmay be found in the "Links" section.
M/V Music Man - was restored with $800,000 dollars spent and for sale out of San Diego, California, as of May 2009. In 2012, the vessel was returned to Sea Scout Ship 16 the Islander after having been sold without the unit consent in 1976 following the passing of their Skipper. She's back with the same unit and renamed it's original name when first acquired by Ship 16 - the Manta out of Southern California.
1944 AVR - as of May 2009 FOR SALE out of Chula Vista, CA.  Asking $99.500.  See for details
1944 AVR out of Greece.  Hull number 469.  As of May 2009, FOR SALE.  Asking $95K Euros.  See for details
1944 AVR - as of May 2009 - FOR SALE out of Wilmington, California.  Asking $29,900.
Sea Scout Ship MANTA at Catalina Island. Great to see this wonderful vessel returned to its rightful owners. This vessel was first acquired from the Navy in 1948 by Ship 16 the Islander out of Southern California. They ran a successful program until the vessel was sold without their consent in 1976. Fast forward to 2012 and several owners later the vessel was re-donated to Ship 16 again and in fully restored condition. This is what a fully restored AVR can look like. Well done, Islander! 
2013 - AVR 63 Sitka Spruce out of Sitka, Alaska. Thanks to the owner for contacting this site and sending in these photos. Another brave soul saving an AVR 63, Well done! 
2013 - forward cruise quarters of the AVR 63 Sitka Spruce
2013 - The last active duty USN AVR 63 out of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. She's now an Admirals Barge.